We started raising our own food since we first met in 1975.  In 2007 we decided to share our experience and determination to provide healthy food to our neighbors and friends, so we now sell to restaurants, stores, and individuals.  We are working on producing as much of our food as possible by the organic standards of the state.  In addition we are making a conscience choice to get as close as we can to having a sustainable farm: one that is in balance with the environment (both earth and community).  We currently raise our chickens, ducks, and eggs organically, as certified by Washington State Department of Agriculture.

We were encouraged to raise and sell chicken by restaurant owners and now have expanded into the Seattle Farmers Markets. The markets give us the opportunity to meet our customers, answers questions, explain how the animals are raised, and thank them for helping our environment by choosing their food wisely.  Providing healthy food for our family (and now our community) is a joy we have had for many years and for which we are thankful.