Jerry & Janelle Stokesberry have been raising meat and produce for their family off and on since 1975 when they met.  In fact one of their first dates was visiting a local auction barn and buying weaner pigs for Jerry to raise.

For many years they planted seeds for produce and raised animals for meat. They learned from their parents and anyone else who would share their knowledge.  They dreamed of one day selling their good food to others.  In 2007 after experiencing the ease of chicken processing with a plucker, Janelle announced, “I could do this all the time.”  Jerry believed her and started talking with restaurant owners he knew.  He was encouraged and guided by chefs/owners to pursue raising organic chicken.  The business was born.

Providing healthy food for their family is a joy they have had for many years (since 1975), and now they are thankful to be able to provide food for the community as well.