We are proud to have In Season Farms organic feed available at our farm for you to purchase. This is the same feed we have been giving our animals for years and are very pleased with the quality and the results.

Currently the following is available for you.

BY THE BAG  (44 pound bags)

Poultry (for layers) Starter 18%           $22.94

Poultry(for layers) Grower 15%            $20.00

Layer Mash 16%                                   $22.22

Broiler Starter 20%                               $24.16

Broiler Grower 18%                               $22.74

Hog Starter 18%                                   $23.00

Hog Grower 15%                                   $21.00


BULK – bring your own containers

Layer Mash 16%         $.46 per pound

Broiler Starter 20%     $.50 per pound

Broiler Grower 18%     $.47 per pound

Please call Jerry if you have any questions about the feed or if you need some delivered (that may be possible).  360-485-2558

BROILER CHICKS (3+ days old)

$2.00 each – available every other week.  Call for dates.