Growing and Processing your own poultry creates the best tasting meat ever!!!  We can teach you how, so you can go home and do it in your very own back yard.

Jerry and Janelle will both be available to give you hands on experience in all aspects of processing chicken from the live bird to “in your refrigerator”.  Watching or reading about it is not the same as having someone there to guide you as you do it yourself.  The chicken will be provided and you will go home with the bird you process from beginning to end.

You learn:

Chicken handling

Estimating carcass weight

From live to dead

De-feathering with automatic plucker or by hand (like grandparents did)

Gutting and what to save

Cooling and aging

Ideas for cooking

Different breeds and end results

Equipment needed

Hands on experience

Bring your questions and be ready to get wet and dirty.   Some people like to wear rain gear.   Be sure to eat before you come.

CLASS SIZE:  6 to 12

COST:  $50 and  you go home with a certified organic whole chicken*


May 28th, Monday Memorial Day  from 9:00 to 1:00


Call 360-878-2294 to register or ask more questions.


*If you bring your own poultry the cost is reduced to only $25.  Check with us first.