Here on the farm in Olympia, Washington where it is usually cloudy and cool, the temp is currently 95 or more.  Everybody is moving slower (the chickens, the ducks, the cattle, the sheep, the rabbits, me, and Jerry).  Well, almost everyone.  Jon, one of our great employees, is working hard to get the afternoon chores done even in this blistering heat.  Everyone else though is seeking shade and not moving.

The cattle stand under the apple trees in the pasture.  The sheep hug one of the huge fir trees.  The pigs don’t run even when fed and keep themselves coated in mud whenever they can.  The chickens are probably the funniest.  Some of them can go in and out whenever they want, and know to head to the shade during the heat of the day.  The ones we let out in the morning (right after dawn) jettison out of the hoop house as soon as the door is open (even though it is just as cool inside as out at that time of day).  They run out in all directions and then randomly and suddenly stop as if they are trying to figure out where they are, after a 5 second or so pause they saunter about pecking at anything that looks like food.

Water feels like air-conditioning to us.   We use sprinklers around the house and outbuildings: moving them every couple of hours.  In the pasture where most of the chickens are, we run irrigation daily.  This keeps the grass growing and cools the ground for the chickens,cows, sheep, and turkeys.  We spray water for the pigs to make mud and coat themselves.  Us humans make sure to drink water whenever possible drench our shirts and hats with cool water.  In this kind of heat that we have been experiencing for some time now, we all have to slow down a bit and seek shade and water – even Jon.

Hope you all find your favorite way to keep cool.



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Jerry and Janelle Stokesberry - Owners
Jerry and Janelle Stokesberry   Owners

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