Our Priorities
  • Provide our community with healthy, organic food.
  • Use nature's ways to care for our animals and crops.
  • Contribute to a greener tomorrow.
  • Support those who want to grow healthy food.
Our Mission
To provide healthy food to our community in a way that also fosters positive growth within our community both for the earth and the people.
Our Promise
  • Feed our animals organic feed only.
  • Maintain the health of our pastures and keep them free from chemicals (organic)
  • Treat our animals with dignity and provide as natural an environment as possible.

This is the hardest part of our job, but we are getting better at it – I guess.  I have found by reminding ourselves that we owe to our customers to stay in business, that it gets easier (but still painful) to do this part of our job.

We have just been notified of a price increase of our feed that is effective immediately, so we are making a similar change to our products that are being affected: chicken and eggs (and soon pork).

The feed cost increase will mean an additional cost of $.09 per pound, so we are increasing our chicken meat by $.10.  The extra penny will help to offset additional business taxes incurred by this change.

Even though the cost to produce a dozen eggs will be increased as well, we are going to wait until the increased cost is closer to $.25.  That way when the price is increased, it will increase $.25 per dozen.

We hope this does not cause you much difficulty.  Our thoughts are always with you – our amazing customers whom we respect and admire.  You are the best!

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Jerry and Janelle Stokesberry - Owners
Jerry and Janelle Stokesberry   Owners

Environmentally friendly farming of chicken and turkey.