Turkey Surprise!

Oh my!  I was beginning to wonder if we were just excellent farmers or if our turkeys were something special.  Jerry noticed they were growing exceptionally fast this year.  Instead of being pleased, he was concerned.  After some investigation, we discovered, and very disappointed that we received the broad-breasted bronze turkeys by mistake (not heritage birds).

Soooooo change of plans.  These turkeys will be big enough to butcher in September or maybe even August (a little too early for Thanksgiving – as planned).  Janelle will be working on a turkey sausage recipe and also how to package them in parts and whole.  Of course people will be able to purchase these turkeys as frozen whole birds for Thanksgiving.  We can keep them frozen for you until the weekend before Thanksgiving if you like.



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Jerry and Janelle Stokesberry - Owners
Jerry and Janelle Stokesberry   Owners

Environmentally friendly farming of chicken and turkey.