Our Priorities
  • Provide our community with healthy, organic food.
  • Use nature's ways to care for our animals and crops.
  • Contribute to a greener tomorrow.
  • Support those who want to grow healthy food.
Our Mission
To provide healthy food to our community in a way that also fosters positive growth within our community both for the earth and the people.
Our Promise
  • Feed our animals organic feed only.
  • Maintain the health of our pastures and keep them free from chemicals (organic)
  • Treat our animals with dignity and provide as natural an environment as possible.

Just a quick note to update you on what you can purchase from our farm right now (November 2015).

Chicken – of course.

Eggs – some.

Turkey – all sold out for 2015.

Pork – available sometime in December.

Duck – available at least once a month.  Have Duck for Thanksgiving!


Hope this helps.

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Jerry and Janelle Stokesberry - Owners
Jerry and Janelle Stokesberry   Owners

Environmentally friendly farming of chicken and turkey.